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Spotlight on LGBTQI+ Makers and Artist

Spotlight on LGBTQI+ Makers and Artist

In recent years, we've taken strides in diversifying the products we carry in the store, making sure that the artists and makers mirror our community and staff. In celebration of Pride Month, we're highlighting a few of our LGBTQI makers and artists.

Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon is an international artist, illustrator and writer. She started her art career at nearly 40 years old, and mentors other artists to make the same creative endeavors regardless of age!  She's also a celebrated textile designer and endurance athlete, and has created biking gear with companies like Velocio. She currently resides in Portland Oregon.

Dani Conyer 

A former San Francisco artist and Rare Device alum, Dani Conyer now lives in Easthampton, MA, and works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Her work consists of playful lines, fun shapes and bright colors that make her art prints a sunny addition to any space. 

Ash + Chess

We're so glad that we got these folx onboard! Ash + Chess is a card, apparel and gift company based in New York, ran by queer and trans couple Ashley Molesso (she/her) and Chess Needham (he/him). They create art prints, cards and stickers with a retro vibe that uplifts the queer and trans community.

Ladyfingers Letterpress

Ladyfingers Letterpress was started by Arley Torsone and Morgan Calderini as a wedding invitation company. As couples reapproached the pair for other life events, the Queer and Trans-owned and operated company branched out into stationery and gifts. They often use their platform to support LGBTQI, BIPOC and immigration rights. 

Fredericks & Mae

College-mates Gabe Cohen and Jolie Signorile met as neighboring studio-mates during their years at Oberlin college. They started Fredericks & Mae after graduation, where the company revels in the art of the gift. Their confetti cutting board has become a fast fan-favorite. 

Maxwell Poth

Maxwell is a photographer and activist that has traveled across the country to invite LGBTQI+ youth to share their stories as part of Project Contrast, a non-profit organization that connect LGBTQI+ youth and their families with resources. The book Youth Queer America gives you a snapshot of navigating trans and queer life in their own words. 

Ghost Pepper Glass

This Woman and LGBTQ-owned glass studio is truly one of a kind. Based in Austin, the glass-making studio offers beginner classes and workspace for professionals and hobbyist. The UpCups that we carry are actually made of the scraps that are the results of other glassmaking projects to reduce waste produced by the art form. 

Orlie K.

Orlie K. has been a long time friend of Rare Device. You might've remembered her show in our gallery back in 2022. She's an acclaimed muralist and illustrator, and former member of 3 Fish Studios. She's now part of the talented art collective and gallery, Tight Quarters.

 George McCalman

George McCalman is a fine artist, illustrator and graphic designer. His studio, MCCALMAN.CO, serves primarily art, lifestyle, and food clients, creating a classic, long-lasting brand that continues to define its clients as they evolve. His fine art practice combines social commentary with aesthetic precision and draws inspiration from his community and the world around him. 

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