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Wild City by Orlie K

Wild City by Orlie K

Wild City Orlie K


Rare Device is proud to present Wild City by Orlie K.

Wild City is a block printed exploration into the local wildlife here in San Francisco. Between the lush local parks, beaches, and wetlands that surround our city, we live among an incredible and diverse community of creatures. While most hide in the shadows of our bustling city, some make their presence known as they loudly fly above or rustle through our trash cans. This show is a celebration of our neighborhood creatures, many of whom thrived here long before we arrived. 
Show Dates: Friday, January 28, 2022 to Sunday, March 6, 2022
Artist Reception: Friday, January 28, 2022 6-8pm


Artist Statement:
For me, block printing is a way to simplify and resist the urge to overwork my ideas. Each cut is a permanent decision that cannot be reversed, only adjusted. Too many adjustments and you'll carve away the whole image. Paper cutting is very similar in that regard. The limitations of a pair of scissors and paper allows me to explore my ideas without focusing too much on what the perfect shape should be. Each cut is intentional and organic.

For this show I chose to keep the animals in black ink as opposed to color, to replicate the sense that these creatures live among us but often in the shadows. The brighter bursts of abstracted cut paper in some of the prints, highlight what we more often see in our surroundings. All together these wonky, yet endearing shapes pay homage to our local wildlife. Growing up in the bay area, I always enjoyed seeing glimpses of these creatures passing through the neighborhood or on walks at the baylands. These prints are a small peep into some of my favorites that roam around San Francisco.

About the Artist:
Orlie K is a printmaker, freelance illustrator, and muralist based in San Francisco. Her work is inspired by the playfulness of imperfect lines and shapes, homey spaces, and illustrations from vintage cookbooks. Lately she has been enjoying making block prints of chunky animal forms and other blob-like creatures.


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