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How To Buy A Scented Candle Online

How To Buy A Scented Candle Online

Finding the perfect candle or perfume is hard enough in person. How does one even go about purchasing a candle or cologne online when they haven’t smelled it before? We’ve come up with a few guidelines that will help you target your dream fragrance, and take out the guessing work when picking out a signature scent for you and/or your home. 

1. Know Your Vocab! Since you can’t rely on your nose to lead you in the right direction, become familiar with the way scents are described. We’ve included this trusty Scent Wheel to help. Most scents can be broken down into these categories.Try grabbing the nearest candle (or bottle of cologne or deodorant stick or anything scented you might have on-hand) and try placing it in one of the categories on the scent wheel as a practice run. Many fragrance companies will use flowery language, but the true purpose is that they want to evoke a feeling that comes along with scent. After all, out of all the senses, scent is the most connected to memory.

2. Know Your Materials! Whether you’re buying a candle or a perfume, what ingredients are used will tell you a lot about the scent and how long they’ll last. For candles, know your wax! Soy-based wax and beeswax both burn differently and are used for different types of candles. For perfumes, an oil-based roll on will last and smell differently than an alcohol spray.

3. Know Your Environment! Keep in mind the room you’re purchasing the candle for. Some candles are perfect for smaller rooms, like bathrooms and bedrooms, while others are better for bigger areas of the home (usually bigger candles will burn enough scent for a living room). Do you want a scent to last around the clock? Perhaps opt for a room diffuser. Also, try to match the design and decor of your room. Is your bedroom light and airy? Get a scent as fresh as your space. Is your living room cozy and warm? Grab a candle with notes of leather and tobacco for that reading room feel or vanilla for a fresh-baked vibe.

The same goes for personal scents. Perfumes and colognes will smell differently on each person, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the right one.

    Shop the Scents!
    Here are some of the candles and scents found here at Rare Device that fall into each of the categories:  

    Read up on candle care in our blog for tips on how to keep your candles in tip-top shape. 

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