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CHROMA is coming to Rare Device! Call for participation!

CHROMA is coming to Rare Device! Call for participation!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of making a large art installation come to life? Now is your chance! 

Artists Lisa Solomon and Christine Buckton Tillman will be installing CHROMA at Rare Device next month and would like YOU to join in the fun and help glue colorful things to our gallery wall! 

From August 1-5, Lisa and Christine will be covering the Rare Device Gallery wall with doodads in every shape and color arranged by hue. If you have an hour or two or more to spare, and you are comfortable using a glue gun, you are qualified! Volunteers ages 8 and up are invited to participate in the installation of CHROMA. You can get in touch with the artists to sign up: info (at)

CHROMA explores color theory through everyday objects. The project is the result of a long distance collaboration between Lisa Solomon (Oakland) and Christine Buckton Tillman (Baltimore) that was first shown on the East Coast last year, at Gallery CA in Baltimore. And now CHROMA is coming to San Francisco! 

CHROMA is a large-scale crowd-sourced installation made of everyday objects sent from all over the world, constructed of various forms of "junk" – arbitrary and otherwise disposable items – that read as one color. The installation will be a culmination of sorting, arranging and compiling these materials into an orderly, chromatically-compelling piece, with the intent of elevating the viewer’s relationship with the mundane debris that we interact with on a daily basis. In addition to the installation, Lisa and Christine will also show drawings and prints created especially for this exhibition, which will run from August 5 to September 6, 2016. 

We will celebrate the completed installation with a reception for the artists and volunteers on Friday, August 5, 6-9pm at Rare Device on Divisadero Street.

A crew of more than 20 volunteers assisted the artists with the CHROMA installation at Baltimore's Gallery CA last year. You can be a part of CHROMA at Rare Device!

Want to learn more about CHROMA? There are a many Instagram posts with the hashtag #chromagalleryca. You can also see all the contributions that Lisa and Christine received, photographed and catalogued with the hashtag #chromainstallation. And check out these fun interviews about the project on Baltimore’s Art Blog and Lisa Congdon’s blog.

Here are Christine and Lisa celebrating the completion of the CHROMA installation in Baltimore. 


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