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Cereal Magazine Now at Rare Device

We have been anticipating the arrival of Cereal Magazine at Rare Device for a while now, and it's finally here! The UK-based magazine has numerous contributors scouring the world for overlooked aspects of various cultures.

What sets Cereal apart from other magazines is the book-chapter format (complete with bibliography) which gives this publication more of a coffee-table book feel than a magazine you flip through once and then never read again. With gorgeous full-page spreads of photographs and in-depth articles on food and travel destinations, this is a magazine that you'll continually want to keep up with.

Volume One explores the world's smallest coffee bar and hotel in Denmark, how to make the perfect cup of traditional Japanese Matcha tea, and the remarkable varieties of carrots. Of course there are three other chapters that you'll have to read for yourself.

In addition to the eclectic variety of articles, Cereal reports on the intriguing history of breakfast cereal and how it has become such a ubiquitous part of Western culture's daily routine.

Stop by our shop and pick up a copy or you can purchase it through our online store here!

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