Wallpaper at Rare Device


Rare Device is a place to promote designers, artists and more, and we are happy to share our latest selection of wallpaper for your home. Featuring Hygge & West, Aieée Wilder, and Ferm Living, we carry a wide variety of patterns, colors and designs that are sure to inspire your space and brighten your home.

Hygge & West collaborate with popular artists such as Lisa Congdon, Emily Isabela, Joy Cho and print on high quality paper with a classic screen printing technique, creating a hand-painted, luxurious feel.

Aimee Wilder has worked both as an independent designer and in-house designer for firms such as Martha Stewart Living and Dwell. She carries her unique aesthetic over to her colorful wallpaper designs.

Ferm Living wallpaper draw inspiration from all over and combines graphic patterns with a unique modern touch. Printed on the non-woven WallSmart quality, Ferm Living's wallpaper is incredibly beautiful and easy to work with.