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For Whatever Reason...

maps has been a tough week for us, and people we have talked to have said the same thing. When things are going bad, we like to think of things that are positive, so we just want to take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us, by selling us your beautiful art and products, by buying from our store, by visiting us and leaving us sweet comments and writing about us and linking to us. It is a little hard to believe we have been open in San Francisco for almost a year and a half, and that Rare Device started in Brooklyn (almost on a whim) three and a half years ago!

And now - happy weekend to you all. We just got a box from the UK with little books by Nigel Peake's art, published by Analogue Books. One is a book of maps of places real and imaginary, the other is of sheds. Nigel has one foot in the architecture world and another in fine art, and we love his work! Look for them on our website soon.

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