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Tonight is Trish Grantham's party - the show looks incredible! We'll take some pictures tonight to show you, and all paintings will be in the webshop very shortly. Or, you can come and see for yourself, starting at 7pm. It's also the Rare Device holiday party and our gift to you is 15% off everything in the store* - even those cool design books and pretty jewelry we never seem to put on sale. Now is your chance!

We've also uploaded some brand-new product to the webshop, for gift-giving procrastinators. We have sleek new housewares from Sagaform of Sweden, including sets of thermo cups that are double-walled and perfect for piping hot beverages, and we have a mezzaluna, or herb slicer, in metal and wood, that cleverly fits together when you are not using it. And, we have AMAZING new necklaces and rings from Judith Hoetker of Analogous Jewelry in Brooklyn. She incorporates old lockets and findings with ivory or mother-of-pearl that she hand engraves to create scrimshaw art like nothing you have seen. Who doesn't want a locket with a tiny drawing of E. coli or a wee centipede inside? Take a look here.

*Except original artwork.

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