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Mid-week Update


1. It's gotten a bit chilly in SF. Other places would say we have a perpetual autumn, but there is a weird unique chill that goes on around 5-6pm in this town. We are huddling by our space heaters. I am eyeing the rack of scarves and hats, as usual.

2. You have just 4 more days to purchase an original work of art by Matt Cipov! They are gorgeous.

3. Lisa is installing her show at Paper Boat in Milwaukee, and it's snowing, so I should stop complaining about the weather. Go see Lisa Friday night at her opening reception, and bundle up.

4. We are restocking your faves as fast as we can, but it never seems fast enough. Please bear with us. We do have more Ivy coat rack in, and we will get more Stop Talking cards and crow bottle openers soon. And we just received more of the Shinzi Katoh water bottles that you love so much, but they will go fast. There are still hundreds of other good things left though - email us if you need ideas.

5. Three brand-new things we love are: the Jungle Friends Mobile in laser-cut bamboo  for your baby niece or nephew; The Competition Bicycle book with gorgeous photography for the vintage bike nerd in your life; and a very graceful wine rack by renowned designer Jakob Wagner for Menu, super for your minimalist design friends.

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