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We have three very inspirational books or journals here today. There is so much great art to discover; if that is your bag, definitely stop by and peruse, or check out our webshop. We'll have all of these items up for sale this week.


First up is Over & Over by Mike Perry, who released the very popular title Hand Job last year. That book focused on hand-drawn fonts, and this one is on hand-drawn patterns. Again, he has collected work from great artists, designers and illustrators to showcase their painstakingly rendered craft.

Next is Volume 3 of Lines & Shapes, a visual look into the lives of a variety of different artists. Congrats to Maria and Lena for another great edition!


Finally, we have a luscious blank sketchbook just waiting for your own art, with a black and white silkscreened cover by Darbotz. This is just the thing for whiling away the day at a cafe on the weekend.


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