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The Middletons


We have just received a gorgeous new melamine plate design by Marco Cibola for Poketo. The series is called the Middletons and they come in two sets of two for $24, or all four for $40. The plates are a "family" and each have a name - Doug, Janet, Clair and Perry. We'll put them in the webshop this week, and they are already gracing the walls of the store.

We are also restocked on the pewter bird feet and anatomical heart lockets from Swallow, so if you have been waiting for those, they are back! We also have a brand-new Serrote letterpress journal design, it is a new tablecloth notebook, so the interior pages are made from quilted paper tablecloth material, it is very clever.

In Brooklyn, we are still going strong with the sale. Laura is pulling more inventory out of the nooks and crannies so that we continue to have good stuff for you! Don't forget that the sale bumps up to 45% off on Friday.

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