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I am a bit of a bag nut. It never used to be the case - I had my giant waxed canvas Timbuk2 and carted things around in that for years. And then...I opened a store. And I heard everybody's woes about finding the perfect bag. And now I spend a lot of time trying to have a good representation of them in the shops.

Truly, the Perfect Bag is this magical shape-shifting thing that is tiny and flat until you need it to accomodate gym shoes, computers and your lunch. It never gets dirty, often has a cross-body shoulder strap, and the handles always fit over your winter coat. It has lots of convenient pockets without looking too sporty or bulky...and now you know why I have so many kinds in stock at Rare Device.


Today we have bags by two new designers, in our quest for the perfect bag. Above you see laptop totes and messengers by S N A P design. They are meticulously handmade by one Portland woman from soft, bright vinyl and are unisex and beautiful. The laptop bags come in 13/15/17" and include a crossbody strap. The messengers are lined in a matching fabric which add a great pop of color when you open the flap.


These bags are by Appetite Design, another Portlander named Erin. She silkscreens her fabric to make her soft, durable messengers and totes which hold a lot but are very lightweight, important to folks who carry a lot around. I check out *a lot* of bags and these get the stamp of approval.

You can find both designers at both stores!

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  • I’m waiting for the mary poppins bag -small enough to carry around but you put your hand in and pull out anything you need!


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