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my first RD blog post ever!!!

Hello, everyone. It's me! Lisa! I am going to start posting on the Rare Device blog, and today is my first stab at it. I am sitting at the front counter of the SF store and Rena is in the back organizing things. Let's see if I can do this without hollering at her to come up here and help me. The blog format is a different format than my personal blog's format; I am going to see if I remember how to use it.

So I am going to be posting about all kinds of things regarding the store, just like Rena does. But I will also be your connection to all the art at RDSF. We've got monthly shows and a bunch of cool stuff coming in that will be part of our regular collection of merchandise.

Right now I am most excited about...(okay need to an a link here and don't know how...wait a second while I holler for Rena.) RENA!! Can you come up here??

Okay, I'm back. Like I was saying, I am most excited about Amy Ruppel's encoustic work in our shop right now. We have 10 of her 10x10 pieces in our San Francisco store, and they are stunning.


I am also really excited about all of the art shows we have planned! Holy moly, do we have some talent coming in here!! Are you ready??

You better sit down.

Okay, here goes:

December-January 2007: Kate Bingaman Burt

February 2008: Something's Hiding in Here

March 2008: Evan B. Harris

April 2008: Group Show of Beholder Artists

May 2008: Betsy Walton

June 2008: Amy Ross

July 2008: Caitlin Keegan and Julia Rothman

August 2008: Group Show

September 2008: Amy Earles

October 2008: Sarajo Friedan

November 2008: Matt Cipov

December2008: Poketo Group Show

January 2009: Aliza Violet

February 2009: Irana Douer

That's as far as I'm going, folks, truly. For now. I am so excited about them all that I am scheduling openings of my own artwork so that I can attend all of the opening parties for the crew listed above.

Tomorrow I am going to post a bit more about our current artist, Kelly Lynn Jones, who is so awesome. Stay tuned for that.

So it's taken me like two hours to make this post. But I did it! And I only asked Rena for help two times.

I'll be back.

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  • Wow – it with so many fantastic artists coming up at RDSF, I’ll finally have to make a visit :)

    Victoria E

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