Random Musings


1. Need to find a city bike for me. I am super-short but want a Dutch bike, and the Dutch are very tall. Still thinking about a solution.

2. Taking care of two dogs is more than twice as hard as taking care of one. This sort of mathematics probably has a name.

3. San Franciscans love color. Everyone who has visited the store here has asked, "What color are you going to paint it?" Um, white? Trust us, it will look great.

FYI, we are getting quite close with RDSF. Mostly it's about painting, hanging more fixtures and lighting, and waiting for the credit card terminal to arrive. Only about 15% of our opening inventory is here so far, but it's such good stuff that I would happily open the shop tomorrow.

In New York, it's all about a new bag, whether that's a cute clutch, a big carryall, or a laptop-bag-that-doesn't-look-like-a-laptop-bag.