This sounds super exciting!! I am out of room for prints and art but...I am sure I'll succumb anyway.

Other thoughts on a Sunday night:

-I rented an apartment without closets. Where will I hide all the comic books?
-I have new Catherine Weitzman jewelry in and really times three need to get cracking on uploading to the webshop. This week I swear!
-If I had more time, I'd be going though my Annette Messager book more thorougly.
-Lisa is going to make art to decorate the front of RDSF and it's going to be killer.
-Salted caramel ice cream from Bi-Rite really is that good.
-Where does the time go?

I am doing a brief trip to LA next weekend (suggestions for art, food and shopping please) and then straight off to NY, to check in with Erin and the crew and to speak with Amy Greenjeans at the American Craft Council. I am looking forward to the trip.