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Broken Record

I know I keep saying it, but I plan to get product on the webshop this week. It is rather busy here and everything must be nudged forward a bit at a time. Meanwhile, a glimpse at new Catherine Weitzman designs -


Part of my updating dilemma is not being allowed to sell certain products online, for example the Property Of... bags (which I just found out about). I am trying to negotiate around that...and you know better than I that buying something online, or at least seeing more info about a product, is a big part of your buying plan. We're trying to get that word out to everyone.
If you are at all curious how things are going at RDSF, you can peek at a Flickr stream I made for it here. Not terribly exciting yet but I know there are people who love this kind of thing. PS feel free to knock on the door and say hi if you are in town, you can get the grand tour.


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