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Aida Alert

If you are a long-time Rare Device customer, you will remember a set of ceramics that got a lot of attention when we opened. They are terribly photogenic and also terribly unique. Well I am not going to promise anything *yet* but it looks like I will be getting my hands on another batch in time for the holidays. Yes, I said the word, I am already thinking about it. Stay tuned for more news about these bowls.

Meanwhile, we did get some new goods this week. Matt dropped off some of his Artist's Guides today in Brooklyn. I can't wait to peep this when I return in just over 10 days(!) to enjoy some autumn in NY and see my favorite people. We also got more books and journals, more coffee for one sets, more awesome millimeter/milligram goods. Erin has been receiving new fall clothing and being the best, doing the W'burg/Park Slope commute (not easy without a car) and keep it all going at Rare + Fine...

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