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5 Year Diary

This is why real books will never be replaced by the screen. Here is a gorgeous example, just arrived in the shop, and created by Tamara Shopsin (of the legendary NY restaurant clan). There are some extremely great products in Shopsin's General Store, including the world's best tongue depressor, but the item we are carrying is the 5 Year Diary, below. You need to come in and check this out. The description says: "This five year diary can be started on any day of any year. Just turn to the current date, fill in the year and write a few sentences about your day. When you get to the end of the year move down the page to the next section. As time goes by you will be able to read past entries as you write new ones." It's brilliant, it's handsome, it's giftable, and there's a dymaxion map in the back, too.


We have added a bunch of new products to the webshop, please check it out. We also just got in a few more copies of the City Walks New York deck, a great gift for visitors or new residents of the city, and a couple copies of Rackgacki, which has groundbreaking Japanese graffiti. Stay tuned for more rather exciting news about Rare Device!

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