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We are restocked on Inhabit Structures jewelry made from old watchworks! See images below. We have cufflinks (ahem, father's day), rings and ultra-cool shake pendants. I learned a cool fact about them yesterday - the tiny rubies set into the watches are like bearings, they live at the end of axles and let the gears rotate nearly friction-free. Now that the watches have been repurposed, they are a sweet accent to the jewelry!



We also welcome a new designer, Melissa Borrell, who has shown her work two years running at ICFF. Melissa has stainless steel pendants and earrings that are laser-cut with abstract, map-like shapes. Some of them she leaves alone and others are enameled in shiny red or black, which I love. We'll have her work in the webshop soon.

Finally we are restocked on The Bubble Roome soaps plus some new shower gel and body butter. There are some new scents as well. Welcome back to David, your fans have missed you.

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