First of all, happy mother's day, to your own personal "maker". And second, if you are anywhere in California next weekend, get thee to the Maker Faire because sadly I will not be able to go! Many people will be sharing their knowledge on how to make just about anything. This is one of the things I miss about the geeky Bay Area. (Also, power tool drag races!)

Thanks to everyone who brought their families by to say hi this weekend. It is a beautiful day here in Brooklyn. I did my visits at Brooklyn Designs, window-shopped Smith St., came home and promptly took a nap. It's that kind of day. I'm off to call my mom now...

Oh - the Coffee for One set is in Every Day with Rachael Ray and we are out of them but more are coming, we promise! You can pre-order in the webshop here. If you are more of the tea-drinking sort, there are plenty of Beehouse teapots and the superdeluxe ones from Tonfisk as well.