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Eggling Alert

Our lavender plant is tall and spindly, I am wondering when the little guy will fill out a little.


New shipments today - Maryink screenprinted tees on very soft cotton, four designs, perfect for this weather. Fokus Fabrik tote restock, some new designs and colors, I'll work on getting that into the webshop today. I just got a couple each but if they are popular, I will order more. Fabric totes just seem right for right now. Notebooks, baby onesies and birthday cards by Pinecone & Chickadee.


And, my everlasting favorite - books! This time we have some surveys - one on 60s and 70s record covers, a cool one from a museum show on "cryptozoology", a monograph on French artist Kader Attia, and a big handsome book about traditional Korean graphic motifs. We also got a few sets of oversized playing cards by Christian Marclay. The deck is just photos and artwork, reminiscent of the big Eames deck but, you know - all music!
Finally, thanks to Sabine Brandt for the visit and the presents, and to design ladies Kathy, Caitlin and Julia for the surprise visit, with puppies.

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