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New at the Shop

Just a quick rundown, we'll have some pictures tomorrow!

Cute new tops from Dace

Pretty blue silk top from Talla

Restock on Broxup wood and silver inlay jewelry

Restock on Rabeanco leather bags, including the messenger bag style which everybody loved the last time

We also just got an experiment of sorts - men's or unisex caps by ZILLION of Japan. Why these? Well, they are made of traditional Japanese fabrics in great graphic designs, they are extremely well put together, and they come in their own silkscreened wood box (!) which is a gift all by itself. I really can't resist packaging, and I have learned the value of a hat brim to protect one from the sun, so why not? Get these limited-edition caps at our shop, I don't think you'll find them elsewhere in this country right now. I'll get some pics up of the fabric styles and the box and we'll have them in the webshop ASAP.

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