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Just got a box of new I. Ronni Kappos jewelry for her avid fans and collectors - I am seeking color for the jewelry section and this is just the ticket. New bags by Jack & Marjorie, a lovely Canadian duo making really nicely designed shapes from military surplus and vintage fabric and trim. They are not what you expect at all from that description, I love them all.

We put a slew of products up last week in the webshop, please check it out. More Highway bags, more Tim Biskup, more super art books.

Eggling alert: NOW is the time to crack open your eggs and plant seeds! Our lavender plant was languishing for a while but 4 sprouts suddenly appeared overnight so the dormant time (for lavender at least) seems to be over.

Elsewhere: the Etsy for design kids looks awesome, but let's have shipping to the US please!

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