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As usual, we are inundated with boxes on Wednesdays, more so than usual this week so I had to postpone this New Stuff post a bit. The boxes are now packed as neatly as molecules all over the store, but it took all day. No pictures yet, but here is the rundown:

Books - Olle Eksell is back (just a few, and we might not get any more) and the Book Design by Japanese designers book, and a new one on music graphics, and a collaboration between 3 artists, and my favorite of the bunch, J. Otto Seibold doing a pop-up Alice in Wonderland. Did you hear me? J. Otto, pop-ups, and Alice. Quite possibly the best thing in the world.

Teapots - so many Beehouse teapots, in so many colors, and 6 different shapes and sizes. We are working on getting them on the site but it's a lot of photo-munging.

Property Of bags, a men's line that women like to steal. We have a tote, a backpack, a courier bag, the herringbone messenger bag, and the padded, nylon, leather-trimmed version of a Barnes and Noble bag on a strap. You'll just have to come and see that one in person.

Amy Tavern jewelry - new shapes in her blackened steel collection. Ovals and soft rectangles, love 'em.

Vynil - it took a couple months but we got a shipment in from France. A few faves like Potato Queen (nearly sold out already) and a few new styles, including a floor decal for hopscotch, more critter silohuettes by Rolito, and a great sticker headboard for a very cool kids room (it would fit a twin bed). We'll get those on the site soon too.

Tonfisk - restocked. Bungalow 360 canvas totes - restocked. Melie Bianco clutches - restocked. I feel I am missing a few things but I can't remember!
Elsewhere...I'm starting to collect a list of things to do while Lisa Congdon is in town. Here are some highlights:

Suupaa Pop - japanese packaging exhibit at AIGA

See some art at About Glamour and peruse the vintage Fire King mug selection, maybe pop in at Pierogi too, then across the river to Gallery Hanahou

Any other suggestions?

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