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Xenia Taler

Xenia Taler is in Toronto and she makes beautiful tiles, they very California-feeling in color and design to me. The tiles are ceramic and can be used as trivets or hung on the wall (there is a cleat on the back so it's really simple). We also have a couple picture frame styles, they are amazing and the first picture frames I have brought into the store, I am picky! See images below and more after the jump:


We have also received a few copies of The 1000 Journals Project. I was lucky enough to be a participant in this, way back in the late 90s I think. 1000 blank journals were distributed all over the world and you could contribute anything you liked, and then you passed it on to a friend or left it on a bench. Many of the journals made their way home and the book has a selection of images from various journals. There are still some out there, I think, so if you see a 6x8" black journal, you will know what's going on.

Things I am currently loving:
A little review of the recent Craft Congress in Pittsburgh and some preview video of a film documentary of indie craft.
Sharon, who is doing acupuncture and making me drink icky herbs to cure my allergies - and it's working!
Rice croquettes and tuna tataki at my new neighborhood joint Hibino

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