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Sticker Series

The word is out! We've started a Sticker Series at the shop, featuring great illustrators whose work will be all over our bags and packaging. Click here for more information about the series and the artists. They all have their own sites or blogs so be sure to visit them for even more design inspiration. We'll be adding more artists all the time.

Today's arrivals - triplet brooch set from Denmark, a nice pop of color for your coat, each set has 3 translucent discs that can be layered or used alone.


Sweet nautical-themed jewelry from Ach Ach Liebling. The pendants look like scrimshaw but are a durable and smooth plastic, embellished with charms just for fun.


Books! We're restocked on By Hand, the modern craft/art book, and also City Walks New York, and we have added two books on vintage and contemporary wallpaper patterns, a crochet pattern desk of cards, a brand new and adorable Jill Bliss notecard set, and the incredible book about Mingering Mike, outsider art by a man who envisioned himself a musical superstar. This is a beautiful book with plenty of images of LPs he made - sleeve, liner notes, and cardboard record too - plus information about Mike himself.



Eggling alert: did you know we carry Egglings at the shop? These ceramic eggs are filled with soil and come with a seed packet. Crack the egg, plant the seeds and you can have a very tiny garden on your windowsill. Our lavender eggling is finally warm and happy and there are two tiny sprouts. Come visit our little buddy at the store.

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  • I LOVE the look of these – really interesting! I assume they are plastic?

    Liana Kabel
  • yes, a heavy clear plastic, they are pretty sturdy..

  • ps those brooches come in 5 colorways. love them!


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