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So, so many new things arrived today! Wednesday is our Monday so it keeps us on our toes.

Brand-new for us - jewelry by Broxup of Vancouver - a super-refined take on the wood jewelry trend, Lindsay does amazingly delicate wood and silver inlay. We were staring at the pendants today wondering, how does she *do* that? See image below of the thistle style (silver front, wood back) and the cattail (wood with a sliver of silver inlay on top).

Also new - very very limited-edition watches by Melissa (better known as the Brazilian plastic shoe manufacturer) are here! We have light pink, white and black. They are unisex and you can cut the band down to fit, and they are designed by Karim Rashid. Dual time zone, alarm, all the fun stuff - plus the very groovy textured band. See pictures after the jump. I like the pink one more than I thought I would, too...

And - the Mustertussi notebooks arrived, soon to be in the webshop. I chose ten styles for this first round, and they are all a visual and tactile delight. We especially like the Tatami series notebook and the Schmutz series book, which has reproductions of yellowed, stained, used (but blank) paper on the inside.

We also got more bags in - we had a huge bag weekend, Laura reported that everyone is now looking for something "pretty for work" so we're scratching our heads over that one. We are trying! Let's see, a new leather bag line, more Highway totes and laptop bags, more Bungalow 360 canvas bags, which will soon be in the webshop for purchase. Non-bag-wise, Lumen is restocked as well, and Vynil from France. No Potato Queen art unfortunately but we have poppies, Vynil + Clock, Little Pantheon Grey back in stock.



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  • Rena, the new website and blog look GREAT! Super new features, too. (I guess I don’t check you out online much since you’re next door!) I know you’ve been working really hard on your site, and now it’s live — big congratulations!


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