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Pillow Situation

It started innocently but in just a couple of weeks my life has become all about shipping dog and cat pillows. A pillow incident has become a pillow situation. Congrats to all the folks at Pillow Pillow Pillow for making Daily Candy! The facts: we have a very limited number in stock, you should pre-order them on the site, they are made by hand in NYC and may take 2-3 weeks to ship out, yes more designs/breeds are in the works, and the chihuahua and the dachshunds are neck and neck (so to speak) in the popularity ratings.

Just added to the webshop: the Hi-Light, a pendant lamp by Re-surface of Brooklyn. For those of you requesting something with a little more oomph than the 25 watt A-Light accent lamp, here it is.

Items due in during this and next week: a new shipment of Vynil wall stickers by Domestic; journals handmade from sugarcane fiber paper by five and a half;spring styles from San Francisco's Talla and Seattle's Prairie Underground, including their iconic Prairie Hoodie, a long and beautifully detailed jacket you will want to wear every day this spring. Also, restocks on candles and baby journals and the canvas printed bags by Bungalow 360. Y'all have been going a little bag crazy at the shop so I'm doing my reorders now, never fear!

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