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In the Nabe

We are celebrating that our neighbors Greenjeans have launched their new site and online store. They have really special, entirely handmade gifts to offer. Now I have to get off my butt and work on our new site too. There are at least 20 products I want to put up but due to the reasons in paragraph one, it's been a bit slow.

Also in the hood, a new clothing store is shaping up next to Shoe Mine, half a block down. Just when you thought the South Slope couldn't get anymore south! And, Blue Apron has morphed into Grab. They have an overwhelming salami and cheese selection, it's encouraging.

Things have been relatively sluggish, storewise, partly due to a general winter malaise, partly due to prepping for tax season, partly due to our running a sale in the shop itself. It is interesting, we are not entirely a clothing store but all of the ones around us are having a sale, so we are having a sale too. Due in any day now: Archipelago candles, Vynil (cross fingers), more Matt and Nat bags, more Rabeanco bags, more books, new Catherine Weitzman jewelry. Our Valentine's-esque cards are here too.

Today I went to a tradeshow to choose bags and accessories with the gentlemen in mind. Our Property Of bags are doing really well - both men and women seem to like them - and it's fun to pick new styles. I am eyeing another line as well. Heavy, distressed leather with raw edges seems to be a thing this year...we'll have both handcrafted and almost rustic items, and also sleek patent leather in bold shapes. Should be interesting.

For those who are curious - I do shop the shows but I would say no more than 15% of my designers are found there. Everyone asks how I find people for the store, and the answer is - mostly online. I am a good researcher and generally know what I want when I see it. I hit the shows when I am trying to find a specific thing - keychains, let's say - that I haven't seen elsewhere. I wish my answer was more exciting, but it's not!

Things I am on the hunt for: keychains, "guy stuff", bags (always), paper products, unique electronic devices, chocolate, beauty/bath stuff, and the perfect gift under $50 that you will just have to have this year.

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