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Chilly Weather Gear

In a stroke of fortuitous timing, a new local knitwear designer send me an email just about the time I was hunting for someone with a knitting machine to remake my shabby, but useful acrylic circular scarf in a nicer yarn. A few weeks later and voila! Happiness, and on the first really chilly day of fall.

I don't have a picture yet but may I tantalize you with some of the more complex and interesting work Gail of N.I.T. does (versus a big ol' donut, which is what I requested of her):

Do you love it? I am pondering bringing some of those armwarmers in the store. They are so elegant, and made of a great super merino.

By the way - this week expect those awesome, guy-friendly bags and wallets I've been talking about to hit the store, plus a lot of restocked items...

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