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We were visited by every delivery service except for DHL today. Lots of boxes to unload and unpack before the holiday. The Year of White Pages are in and will be sent out to the patient folks who pre-ordered them this month - we pre-sold the whole batch, who knew? - but more are on the way, I promise, and you'll have them before the holidays. We also got more of the Coffee for One sets in stock, more Nikki McClure calendars, more of pretty much everything you love this year.

We also have a few new items. First up, there are cute and very giftable votives from Beccalights, plus more fun travel tins in scents like Kissing Ball and Sparkling Cranberry. Second, we brought in Archipelago Botanicals as they have lovely, intriguing scents in a sturdy gift box at just the right price. The first three scents are "manly" being Burlwood, Bergamot Tobacco and Mocha Cardamom, and the fruitier ones are due in next week. The store smells pretty heavenly right now.

Next are a few gorgeous flameworked glass necklaces from Daa Glass - they are bold and lovely and come on silk cord, leather, and chain in many different sizes and colors. We are lucky to have these on short notice from Daneen, we are short on the glass jewelry (though we have Laurel Denise's great illustrations on glass for you too).

Finally we received a new product, a baby journal from Nikki McClure. If you love her artwork and collect her calendars, you have got to see the journal, truly. We'll be getting these on the website soon.

Next up (besides Thanksgiving) is a newly retooled Pinder laptop bag - they have re-engineered this one to make it even better, we will have them in stock probably next week.

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