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It's a blustery day here in Brooklyn, and appropriately I am winding a ball of birthday yarn (thanks Laura!) to later turn into a hat. Hat season, can you believe it! Juliet of Smith & Hone visited me yesterday to show me her scarf and hat styles for this year. She handknits or handlooms each piece. We'll get a few styles plus a great camel-colored bolero which is a nice intermediate layer under a heavier coat.

What else...Domestic has a ton of new vinyl decals, we're getting some old faves and also some of the new styles. They are out of stock of two of the coolest (one is a series of letters that look stitched, and the other is a set of clock hands and a variety of stickers to "build" your own clock on the wall) but we'll get them in as soon as we can.

Kbox is up on the site for purchase, and we are mentally preparing for the weekend. If we weren't at the shop we'd be checking out the Sky Mirror at Rockafeller Center, or maybe the contemporary Japanese ceramics show at the Japan Society.

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