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One of the favorite local labels in San Francisco is Nisa, and I am happy to have received a bit of their fall line last week. The pieces are a light wool-blend jersey that are cut and seamed a bit above the basics level, though the shapes of course are Good For Layering (TM). My fave is a charcoal grey cardigan with a sexy V-dip at the back of the neck that is so surprising. There is also probably the girliest piece in the shop, an open knit overdress in grey w/ a bit of lurex that will be devastating over a bright colored top, with boots.

I got a visit from Until Monday, a new neighborhood blog. I think they will be back for a proper chat later on.

Speaking of the hood, I will be getting some lovely ceramic knitware coasters from Alyssa Ettinger (great to put your drink on while you fuss with that cable-knit sweater for your boyfriend) and some paper goods and elephants (!) from Wren Handmade. At the other end of the world (and design spectrum) I have my eye on Kbox, a sleek and modular jewelry box system in aluminum and wool felt, out of Australia.

Finally, local events - again, the Sodafine grand opening party in Williamsburg is Saturday night, and Sunday is the Atlantic Antic, which is a must-stop solely for my landlord's shawarma, the very best in the land and only available at the Antic! Yes, once a year! I'll be grabbing one on the way to the shop. See Oriental Pastry, across from and between Sahadi's and Eddie the Sheik's music tent. (That sounded really funny but yes, that is where I live.)

In my head: that Nouvelle Vague cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart that Laura introduced me to while driving around in her Beetle, looking for parking near Canteen in San Francisco. that was fun.

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