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Summer is Here

Happy Almost Summer! The official start date is right around the corner but the heat has already caught up to us. Just ordered a midseason stack of Heavy Rotation tees that are cute and superlight for these hot, sticky days. Still awaiting a few more pieces by Zuzupop of Seattle as well, and we're going to have great tees by Mary Ink soon, quite popular at Renegade this year.

Today I walked with the Boy and the Dog down Atlantic Ave and popped in at a brand-new shop by our buddy Hicham, it is called Hollander & Lexer and sells clothing for men in Darr-appropriate surroundings (Darr is Hicham's furniture shop). It's dark and cool in there, with a view of an extraordinarily suburban backyard - grass, hammock, and lawn sprinkler lazily waving back and forth. Guys are very underrepresented in the hood so we think they'll do very well. Also, they are conveniently located mere doors away from my favorite cupcakes at Downtown Atlantic (coconut frosting with chocolate bottoms, only $2). Oh! And Brooklyn is getting its own Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches on Atlantic Ave. too. Sweet! With Hanco's on Bergen down the street, we are heading toward a bahn mi war, and I am very excited about that.

What else? I hear David Byrne is releasing a book via McSweeney's Publishing, I will get that when it is released. I am on the last episode ever of Six Feet Under (thanks Netflix) and don't know what to watch next. Mmm, that's it for today.

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