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L.A. Stories

This month, Rare Device is featured in two magazines based in L.A. - I mention this just because so many magazines come out of New York, so it's always interesting to see the West Coast perspective on things.

The first is Audrey Magazine, for Asian-American women. They've been tracking the progression of my jewelry line so when I told them I opened a shop, they were very excited for me. I actually know a number of Asian boutique owners, especially in the design arena. What's up with that? :D

The second is Pop Life Magazine, the home and interiors offshoot of Metro Pop, a fashion magazine. This is a good solid read, if a sporadically published one! If you love West Coast or mid-century style, there is quite a bit of it in this mag.


A big thanks to our regulars and brand-new customers who came by the street fair yesterday, despite the incredible heat. I have my first major sunburn in years so you can wave at the lobster in the window if you drive down 7th Ave.

On the way: Minimalist leather wallets by Mitten Mitten, more Mi Spa lip balms and their new dry perfume rollons. Also in the incubator stage is a new show/collaboration by some of my favorite San Francisco artists, stay tuned!

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  • hi Rena- thanks for the poplife mention- you have such a great eye and i can’t wait to visit your shop next time i’m in your neck of the world

  • ah Rena! You’ve hit my weak spot with the Mi-spa addition. I’ve been curious to get a close up on their products. I’m going to come by when the roll ons get in.


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