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1. The lemon balm in the ceramic egg is growing quite nicely. I'm tempted to start a chamomile plant next, I like the delicate leaves.
2. Derek has written quite a thought-out piece about our WD-50 dinner here.
3. I'm reading The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril and enjoying it very much.
4. Just found out that Team Dresch, one of my favorite bands last seen oh, 10 or 12 years ago, is back together and playing at Southpaw on Wednesday. Their live shows kick major booty so I am there.
5. The coffee-for-one press and mug sets are GREAT. They come in aqua or red. Finally something for the coffee lovers out there. I'm bringing the camera to the store tomorrow.
6. We ate at Little Dishes because everyone is gone already for the holiday weekend. EVERYONE is gone, it was so criminally empty. Time to go eat at your favorite places, kids.
7. Everyone is gone but the store will be open as always.
8. Naidre's makes smoothies, get them to make you a lemonade+peach+mango combo.
9. We're getting Evany's book in stock soon and it's hysterical.
10. That's it for now.

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