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Out West

The West Coast is representing this month! Besides the Joanna Mendicino restock, I got to meet and hang out with many Westies at the Stationery Show, reminisce about people and places and those really yummy frites at César in Berkeley. Also, the lovely and talented lady who catered our wedding and her husband and their adorable baby are coming to town and we get to hang out. Now I am scheming how to get back in August when it is not so nice here in New York.

Speaking of weddings, I get a lot of requests for recommendations for wedding rings and such, I am going to try and get a list together of designers I like. All cool and modern ones of course, like the woman who made our rings :) If you have a suggestion for the list, please let me know.

Last book read: 1/2 of Arthur and George before I had to return it to the library, and Batman: Year 100 #4.
Last ice cream eaten: Haagen-Daaz Mayan Chocolate.

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