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Holiday Weekend

It's shaping up to be a drizzly, quiet Memorial Day weekend in Brooklyn. Today was the first clammy day, always a surprise after the oh-so-nice spring weather. Oh well, knew it couldn't last.

For your weekend enjoyment though, there are new books in, including a comics/sketchbook called Process Recess, Evany's book, the new Kitchen Sink and Cabinet magazines for your consumption, and a crazy book called The Difference Between Telling and Selling from the office of Ryan McGinness. Finally, we have just one copy of "The Zine Unbound" which was created for an exhibition in San Francisco last year - it includes two exhibition books, 3 silkscreened prints and a DVD! Made in a limited edition and probably out of print.

Also in, a few more gorgeous vases from Tania Julian...up next will be more skirts from Lemon Twist and a bit of the spring collection by Canadian designer Allison Wonderland.

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