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Shows and Visits

Saturday I got a nice surprise visit from a vendor-to-be, Dasmarca. Bidyut was in town for work and dropped by with an entourage...I can't wait to get his ridiculously cool, handknit GIANT scarves for the fall. Giant in the sense that he knits basically with broom handles on huge hanks of yarn that go way beyond "chunky".

Also we got some press in the New York Post on Saturday (also a surprise) in their design store roundup in honor of the ICFF happenings. It's nice to be mentioned in the same article as folks like Moss and the Future Perfect...

Went to the ICFF show and got worn out. Saw lots of great things, many things that won't fit in my tiny store, alas, but some that will. I have to follow up this week...tomorrow is the Stationery show which will be even more dangerous because I *can* fit the products in my shop!

Arriving this week: more Joanna Mendicino birdie vases and cobblestone vases, and I'm not sure what else, Wednesdays are always a surprise for me.

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