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Growing Things

As someone who still feels new to the whole East Coast seasons thing, spring is a terribly exciting time of the year. I just can't stop bringing garden kits into the shop! I got a box of three kinds of plant kits for you (will have them online for sale soon) -

The Eggling, which I think you've seen around but are still cute - ok this one is labeled "The Growing Egg" on the box, it is a ceramic egg with soil and seeds inside. You knock the top off and add water and you are rewarded with a cute little plant. I have lemon balm, basil, mint and chamomile.

Plants in a can - a little metal tin with a similar concept, except this time you get a tiny cactus garden, or wee bonsai black pine trees.

A new one - the message bean - a tall can with a beanstalk-worthy tall plant waiting to grow. The oversized seed pod head has been laser-etched with a message which reveals itself as the plant grows. It's so kooky I had to do it. Choose from Happy Birthday or Thank You.

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