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I just got some casual, organic cotton tops by Twice Shy in the prettiest shade of blue. It is brighter than the sky and considering what an awesome day it is in Brooklyn, that's impressive. The tops have a delicate turkish pattern traced in a platinum silkscreen, plus pintucks, and it is going to be the best summer top. I also have a wear-anytime skirt from Twice Shy...

FYI I am cooking up many events for May, starting with a pre-Mother's Day sale on all jewelry and handbags, and then something really fun with Brooklyn superstar Lena Corwin. There is nothing like a little sunshine to get the brain moving again.

Today's listens: Pinback, Matmos, Joanna Newsom, Underworld and Amy Kohn, who just dropped off her new CD for me to listen to.

Today's snackfood: spicy thai Kettle Chips. So good.

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