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The lovely Leigh of Jezebel stopped by to drop off more of her fabulous cards. Your two favorites, 'merci beaucoup' and the the little frog card are back, plus some new designs. Leigh says she's looking into having tees made as well, good luck!

Yesterday I got the oddest surprise package in the mail: a 2004 pinot noir in a tetrapak (like you use for soymilk and stuff) by French Rabbit. I guess it is a more environmentally friendly container than glass and cork?? Have to do some research on that. Anyway, it was very slightly leaky (downside of packaging) but that just means I have to drink it ASAP :)

Today I expect a visit from two indie luminaries, Miss Erin of Sodafine/Purldrop and Miss Jenny of Cutxpaste (and Miss Lola her wee adorable dog). Check out what they do...and hurray for lady-owned businesses!

Upcoming: I have been talking to some incredible artists from San Francisco and Oakland who do handblown glass and ceramics. I hope to have these by May/June, more news as it happens...and yes I *will* get the products onto the Rare Picks site, because everybody needs these. There are also tons of tiny clothing designers in Canada I am pondering for the fall...I know, it seems as if I have a Canada fetish these days but New York is such a competitive market, I have to try a little harder to get the goods to you!

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  • well, we were a day later than expected…but thanks for turning me into a knickers gal! i love my new shorts!!!! …and my owl sachet. …and my candles!


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