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Today, the Most Gorgeous Day Ever, I made an extraordinarily long loop around my neighborhood and ended up at Swallow, my favorite Smith Street boutique. The word I associate most with this shop is "treasure"...the walls are a smooth graphite grey and are a great backdrop for the handmade glass, intricate jewelry and rotating selection of artwork for sale. Ria was in the back, creating a necklace with practically the smallest beads I've ever seen. We chatted and swapped retail notes. Can I just mention again how great the shopkeepers in Brooklyn are? Do check out this store if you've never been...

I also dropped in at Dear Fieldbinder and fondled clothing in my new favorite shade (raisin). Lara has a super selection for spring, I guess it's all about skirts and dresses right now.

Speaking of clothes, I'm nearly out of Lemon Twist skirts and will get more in a bunch of fabrics and colors. This batch was brown which seems to be hard to find and quite popular. If you need anything in particular (more colors, more prints) let me know.

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