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The Beehouse teapots are here, and if my camera batteries didn't just run out, I'd be posting some pictures right now. There are 3 sizes (16, 28 and 32 oz) and 2 shapes and the colors right now are blueberry, kiwi, celadon and dark purple. Considering the weather and the flu season, they are good investment. I do tend to drink more tea in the winter, but summer means...iced tea! Beehouse makes great iced tea pitchers too, which we'll get later in the year.

We also got a bit of gift wrap from Paper Dolls Cards, these have very big bold graphics, and would look as ravishing on your wall as wrapped around a box.

Sale alert: all jewelry will be 15% off on Feb 11 and 12, in time for V-Day. Get something for a loved one or yourself! Or both!

Also - new website will be up and running in about a week, stay tuned.

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