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Under the Weather

Of course I have been under the weather lately, with the weather being so very inconstant and awful. But today I am back at the shop, sipping my Sprite and eating my bowl of plain rice. Over the holiday weekend, Derek and I even managed to rearrange the shop a bit and install a bigger, better clothing rack - yes, this means more room for Spring treats in just a month or so.

Coming soon - Pinder laptop sleeves. These are the best I could find at a reasonable price, besides the usual padded compartment, they have a zippered compartment, a detachable shoulder strap if you want to go solo, and they are very streamlined and thin, so they can slip into your regular bag or tote.

Also on the way: yet more teapots, this time from Beehouse of Japan. I cherish my little teapot that I got years ago in San Francisco, and I am very happy to bring them to Brooklyn. They come in a dizzying range of sizes, shapes and colors but I have selected a few for the store. If you like the Stump teapot you will love these. I'm also investigating some teas, both loose and in infuser bags, to complement the pots and make a nice gift set.

Manhattan news: Nine very good cartoonists will be showing at Pratt's gallery at 144 W 14th St. The show opens Friday and runs for a month. You should go!

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