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It's encouraging that craft is pulling itself up by the bootstraps and is not a dirty word any longer. (At least in this country - I think there is more appreciation overall everywhere else.) This despite the fact that a well-regarded college in California recently pulled the word "craft" out of the name of the school...The latest issue of Metalsmith has an essay on the state of craft now and 25 years ago, I believe, it was an interesting read.

Karin Eriksson's ceramics are here. They are very beautiful and thoughtful pieces. I have vases chime-like wall hangings, and delicate bone china tealight holders. Sweden is quite dark for part of their year and I think the residents love their warm and inviting candlelight.

Also in - Knit Knit issue 6, by and for people interested in pushing this craft further.

Also also - the Jill Bliss Native Flowers journals are back in, everybody loves these, I have quite a stack of them. A few new books: paperback edition of Big Up with incredible photography, Dot Dot Dot issue 10 for the graphic designers, and 100% Evil, a very tiny yet diabolical book.

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