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Back in Stock

Bloom bags are back in stock - the square could-be-a-laptop tote is here again, and some hobo shapes, plain and with embroidery. These bags are great because they are so light on your shoulder.

I'll put the new Possum and Chestnut cards out as well. Time to refresh the window display!

The hot pink ladder scarves are back, someone told me pink was finally going away but it shows awful tenacity in sticking around.

I have more cards and shirts from I'm Smitten - you can't get enough of these, it seems. I have picked up a couple different card designs, I hope you like them.

And what's new? For your gadgets, I will have more little felt iPod cozies, they have a flap and a slit for the headphones, these are arriving shortly. We are happy to have some books from 826NYC for you too. There are some outrageously funny stories therein (as well as a Zombie Goat or two).

Once again, we'll be open tomorrow, Wednesday, then closed for Thanksgiving, and then open again on Friday at 10am.

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