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Kristen McCloud's gorgeous and complicated earrings are here. You'll just have to come see what I mean. The girl is gonna go blind from the tiny work she's doing! They are very dramatic and glam. Stick with your same old little black dress and add a pair of these and you're good to go.

I just got a few things from MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Los Angeles too, namely some odd baby onesies with Marcel Dzama art on them. He is so popular now, but I can't resist a man who works in ink and root beer.

Also soon (I think) we will have some sculptural wall art from my RW friends in Vancouver at Serious Gnome. They are going to look super on my lilac wall. I bet they'll look great on your wall too.

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  • I just found out about your shop, thanks to a friend of mine online that visited there the other day. I am going to make sure that I visit before I move to San Francisco in a few months!

    Victoria E

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