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It is incredibly chilly out, and windy. All sorts of things (but mostly pigeon feathers) blow under my door during the night. I should make a nest!

It's a good thing, then, that I have handloomed scarves and stoles from Smith and Hone at the shop. They are incredibly soft lambswool and gently felted for a really lovely texture.

Today is a good day to rearrange things at the shop. I won't call it OCD but I do like to have things *just so* and sometimes that means fussing with everything. Of course I am a textures girl and love touching stuff.

Two things - I am already out of the Jill Bliss journal and the very popular book 'Drawing from Life'. You have good taste because they are being reprinted by the publisher. I'll get more in as soon as I can. I've also ordered a bunch of art books, quite limited, so keep checking in if you need anything. There's a great art book by Feric and a collaborative book called Lavender and some issues of the Semipermanent05 NY book, for those of you who missed the conference last month...all on the way.

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