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millimeter/milligram goods from Seoul have landed. That was fast! They seem to design everything, but here are some of the things I picked for you: standup any-date desk calendars, hologram covers for you to put plain boring notebooks into, silver antiqued leather passport cases (silver! leather!), sky blue leather pencil cases, and widgets for you to wind your earphone cords around. All of it cute as a button and amazingly packaged, of course.

NEWS! The date for the party has been set, it's November 17, and I hope you can come. There will be beverages and snackfoods. My second cousin once removed (or something) may even bake some treats. The shindig runs from 5-9pm and we will donate part of the night's sales to 826NYC ( who provides free tutoring to students on their writing skills. Not to mention the whole superhero supply shop thing. I am encouraging all the local designers who make things for Rare Device to be there to be admired!

And then there's the News news. The NY Times announced our store opening. We were totally shocked...and right there you can see I'm really from California. Sorry about that!

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  • Hello. You have received our package. :) It feels good to see
    your article about us. Hope you have great party!


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